Grant Advisory & Assistance

Advisory &

  • Our consultants can help you navigate the complex Government Grants landscape to identify a suitable grant for your project and help you step-by-step in securing your grant to defray the cost of your improvement projects.
  • Our consultants have over 10 years of experience in grant application in areas such as:
    • Capability upgrading (Productivity improvement, business process improvement, branding, feasibility studies, automation projects, ICT system implementation, Standards
    • Adoption, Business Model transformation etc.
    • New Product/Service development
    • Internationalisation
    • ICT System Design and Implementation
Business Diagnosis


  • Our consultants are equipped with the most powerful diagnosis tools to help dissect your business to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Productivity Diagnosis, Business Excellence Diagnosis, Competitor Analysis, etc.
Business Diagnosis


  • Business Process: Our consultants can walk with you through yuour business to put in place and/or improve processes for more efficiencies.
  • System Implementation: Our network of partners offer powerful business tools such as ERP, CRM, E-Commerce, HR Automation Suites.
Intellectual Property


  • Our consultants can help you in the necessary paperwork required to register for IP in the US or in your own country.


  • Thinking of setting up a new product or service?
  • Our team has experience conducting in-depth feasibility studies and market research studies to provide you information, knowledge and insight to power more confident business decision making.